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Just a note, my fan fiction will follow mainly the same path as the three books - not counting Four - but it is if all the characters went to high school. This is a little snit bit of chapter one.


"Beatrice. Beatrice. Beatrice. Beatrice. Beatrice. Bea-"

I wake up hearing my brother Caleb's familiar teasing voice. I know we are in Abnegation but today is the Choosing Ceremony and then high school starts. So I decide to be Un-Abnegation like. I grab my pillow with a firm grip secretly. I wave my hand at Caleb to come here and then whack it at Caleb.

Caleb gives me a disproving face and then laughs. I fall out of my bed laughing hysterically.

His laughing face suddenly looks serious. "Beatrice, I think we should think about ourselves today."

I stare at him with a questioning look and tease him, "What do you mean my dear selfless brother?"

"Just. Er. Umm I mean we are the ones who have to live with our choices."

"I've never heard you talk selfishly." I look at him and his eyes avert to the ground. Caleb soon disappears out of my room.


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