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When given the proposition of challenging myself to mission, I only want to consider attempting to accomplish something that has never been done before. This is especially true if I get to stretch the rules of reality and take inspiration from the world of cinema, video games, or television. Now, there are few accomplishments that have never been achieved by any person or character. Some of the most challenging “missions” are usually performed by some of the greatest fictional people ever to grace the silver screen or paper. There are missions that would be fun to attempt, which would involve obtaining different characteristics from various people combined with my own skill set. However, is it not more entertaining to beat others that have tried to finish this job? That is exactly what I thought when considering this contest. What missions are there in the world (both real and fictitious) have never been completed?

Well, this mission is a special one. If I choose to accept (which I would), it will be the most difficult thing that anybody can attempt to perform. All of the odds are clearly stacked against me, which is only the beginning of the issues with completing this mission. There will be little to no support for me as I walk through this journey. Hardly anybody who would watch this would want me to succeed in this mission. Many characters have tried this specific mission, mostly ending in their demise. What could this risky mission be? What am I signing myself up for? The mission I have chosen is: succeeding as the villain in a Disney animation/Pixar movie.

First Characteristic: Fair Storytelling (Brothers Grimm)

Technically this is not a personal characteristic that I would behold during this mission. However, in this hypothetical mission, I am in an animation movie as the villain. Numerous Disney animated movies (specifically fairy tales) are based off the tales from the Brothers Grimm. Although they are altered (Disnified) for the little children who will be watching, the Brothers Grimm tales are actually morbid, with the “villain” in their stories occasionally winning. While the Brothers Grimm collected some of their stories, their books are how they interpreted them and are in their own voice. For this mission, I would want the brothers writing the story. This may not guarantee my success as a villain, but it does increase my odds tremendously. The darkness of the storytelling would be a nice touch to the type of movie I would want to be in as well.

Second Characteristic: Master Planning (Scar, The Lion King)

The closest villain to victory in a Disney animated movie, Scar is the perfectly standard of how any great villain should act. Scar’s ability to plan out his ascent to the throne was the sole reason why things almost went smoothly. In the end, he was able to rule Pride Rock until Simba returned to avenge his father’s death. If I want any chance of succeeding, I need to be able to plan perfectly as Scar did. His plan was not only genius, but cunning, simple, and well thought out. The reason that he ultimately failed and died was not his fault in all honesty. He even executes his plan without any unnecessary monologues. One song to hype his henchmen before the beginning and three words before executing part of his plan is all the time he takes in boasting about his plan. This is exactly how I need to be as a villain (without the singing though). My planning abilities need to be on point in order to complete this mission. No unnecessary revenge plots or rage driven motives, simply a plan that goes from point A to point B.

Third Characteristic: Quality Henchmen (Uhh...)

While I know that this is vitally important to success or failure of this mission, I cannot think of any example of quality henchmen in any movie, video game, or TV show (at least evil henchmen). Evil henchmen normally are one of two motifs: 1) complete buffoons who barely can walk and chew bubble gum are the same time or 2) easily disposed of by the hero. Bringing up Scar again, why did he fail? Because his hyena henchmen decided to let the desert decide the fate of Simba rather than completing their part of the plan. If the hyenas do their job, then Scar would still be ruling Pride Rock. Another “characteristic” that does not directly involve myself, it is a key aspect of the mission. A good villain needs his henchmen. The difference for me is that my henchmen will be able to complete their objectives without failure. My expectations are not unrealistically high for my minions. I simply need competent henchmen who will follow my every command without being fools or stand-ins for a punching bag.

In some Disney/Pixar movies, the villain wants to kill the protagonist. That would not be the goal of my villainy. My goal would simply to rule the land where I am placed in. If the hero can coexist with me in that setting, then that would be wonderful. However, since I am not an moron, the plan for the hero will most likely be deportation or exile from the country. Not as harsh as death, but harsh enough still to be qualified as a villain.


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