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CAPTAIN EO is one of the best popular at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California in the best OC Orange County, after while last year, when Disney Imagineers brought back CAPTAIN EO as tribute since February 23, 2010, and after few years later of summer 2014, when Disney Imagineers sadly to closing Captain EO at Disneyland once again for presenting like couple few sneak previews in the Tomorrowland theater, as CAPTAIN EO would expected to return to venue theater at Disneyland at California, after Disney World was once closed Captain EO at Epcot for preview for Tomorrowland and Inside Out, then later July 19, 2015, gladly Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, has reopened and returned CAPTAIN EO at Epcot once again and remain at Disney Parks in 2 parks in the US, but other Disney Park like Tokyo was forever removed, but in California is going to be expected to bring MJ Captain EO back at Disneyland as well, as one of the guest has been many times contacted D23 Expo about insisting to bring back CAPTAIN EO at Disneyland in California, and also SIGNED the Petition at to have confirming to all Disney Company and now has been publishing all over the world of Internet and to Disney Imagineers that kept begged to bring CAPTAIN EO back at Disneyland Park in California, as one of the guest has been commented to Disney as it was written:

"Dear Disney Imagineers and D23 Expo,

Please BRING BACK "CAPTAIN EO" at Disneyland Resort in California in 2016 (perhaps right after last sneak preview Star Wars 7 is finished)

Hi! This is Jeffrey Baek!

I am really SAD that CAPTAIN EO is removed at Disneyland resort in Anaheim California,

MJ CAPTAIN EO 3D was been my most favorite attraction ride ever I been,

I don't know when If you and Disneyland will ever return Captain EO again,

especially I HAATED ANY SNEAK PREVIEWS and even I also HATED HISTA, (Honey! I Shrunk The Audience is F+ and 0% poor rated and worst)

BUT I do love CAPTAIN EO "BETTER" at Disneyland as long as I wish it would be bring CAPTAIN EO back at Disneyland once again hopefully soon as possible, because I would be very excited to go IF CAPTAIN EO ever comes back at Disneyland, otherwise IF NOT, then I will be SAD and find other things to go other fun rides, BUT CAPTAIN EO is my mainly favorite attraction that I always be wanted to attend and support of that best ride in theater special effects.

Also, that I live in California, and the problem, that it is hard for me to fly all the way to Orlando Florida and i don't have that big money enough, and so it is better IF CAPTAIN EO was be best resume in California, because as long as I live in California who near by my area, and I am soooo upset that CAPTAIN EO is removed last year, and I really really HATED Stupid SNEAK PREVIEW in Tomorrowland Theater and I only had a wish that IF CAPTAIN EO is ALSO be RESUME better to reopen at Disneyland Resort in California to reopen again in the magic eye theater again and i like Captain EO better than other media imagineer because it was cool moving seats and floor and 3D with 3D glasses was great special effects, air conditioner was freshed and so I just hope that CAPTAIN EO would resume this summer as well in Disneyland and this time Disney Imagineer DOESN'T HAVE To ADD up the "TRIBUTE" as CAPTAIN EO TRIBUTE BUT just back to original title with set up the sign and TV media screen to put the titled "CAPTAIN EO" but the same special effects in the theater and so i just hope that CAPTAIN EO is better to come back in California, because it is nearly where I live right now and so hope you understand and alot other Captain EO fans out there who wants it back in California, and remain Captain EO to stay forever at Disneyland and no more sneak previews that happened to other countries, BUT CAPTAIN EO is better to resume back to Disneyland Resort that I supported and so hope you understand, CAPTAIN EO in California is mostly I live and so hope this possible work out well? (Maybe to plan to REOPEN Captain EO again hopefully next year in January or February 2016 after IF Star Wars was presenting sneak preview is done in January 2016, then to plan to REOPEN at Tomorrowland Theater to reopen with ride of MJ CAPTAIN EO?) Thanks."

Captain EO is expected to return to Disneyland in California once again as soon as possible!


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