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Funko's POP! Vinyl line of toys is widely popular throughout the world. If you aren't sure what they are, they're toys modeled in a Japanese super deformed style, from franchises including Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, and other pop culture franchises.

Bob's Burgers will be the newest edition to the Funko POP! Vinyl line. New images of the latest toys have just been released, and here they are.

Bob Belcher

Linda Belcher

Tina Belcher

Louise Belcher

Gene Belcher

It appears as if they will only be releasing the four main cast members so far. Here are 5 other Bob's Burgers cast members I'd love to see in Funko form:

1. Aunt Gayle

Who doesn't love Linda's younger sister Gayle? She has a love for painting, music, and poetry, and her love for her three cats Jean-Pawed Van Damme, Pinkeye and Mr. Business is admirable. She is someone we never hope to be, yet in some ways we are!

2. Teddy

In my opinion, Teddy is one of the most underappreciated characters in Bob's Burgers. Teddy is a carpenter/handyman who frequently visits Bob's Burgers. He is also considered one of Bob's few friends. With his constant stories and his hilarious personality, why shouldn't Funko turn him into a toy?!

3. Jimmy Pesto, Jr.

Tina's love interest Jimmy Pesto, Jr. would be a perfect addition to the Funko POP! Vinyl toy line!

4. Andy & Ollie Pesto

Ah, the inseparable twins! Andy and Ollie would be perfect Funko additions! Just don't separate them!! The twins are hilarious in the show due to their reliance on each other.

5. Tammy Larsen

Although a minor character, Tammy is definitely a funny one! Tammy can be considered the Wagstaff School "bad girl", who embarrassingly has a gas problem during intense situations. Funko NEEDS Tammy Funko toys!


Which 'Bob's Burgers' Character Would You Like To See As A Funko POP Vinyl?

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