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Jason Iaquilino
... about character setup. Take the son for instance... drug addict... delinquent... self absorbed, thoughtless... Yet by the end of episode 6 he's going to be the character that's evolved the most, taken charge, become responsible and gives his all to protect his family. Next... you had to expect it was going to start off a little slow... THE APOCALYPSE HADN'T BEGUN YET! The original TWD had it easy... Rick gets into a car chase after a little buddy banter, gets shot and BAM! One month later he wakes up and the shit hits the fan... he gets to start off in a creepy environment and your instantly on the edge of your seat. In Fear, the creepy environment was a drug den, and there was still a discovery of a walker. Then it shifted gears and revolved around the family drama for a bit and then still managed to end off with it's first walker kill... which... wasn't bad I have to say as far as walker kills go. Was nice to see a walker being a bit harder to kill because it's not as brittle yet. At the end of the day... it was character introduction... after all... if we don't give a shit about the family... we're not gonna care if they live or die in the end and the show will go nowhere... so give it a chance because I thought it was off to a great start and I'm very interested to see where it goes and if the two shows will eventually collide...

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