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So, Moviepilot's most recent contest has popped up and I believe that I should at least give it a shot, right?

So, I open up a new post to start writing and I think, what on earth could my mission be? I thought, maybe a defusing a bomb? But that is too overused? Stop a badass villain with his huge army taking over the world? Too Superhero-ey.

Then I realised why not make my mission surviving High School? I mean, I go there everyday and I constantly struggle with it! Why not pick three abilites that could actually help me out in High School?

So, here is my compiled list of abilities from fictional people to help me survive High School.

1. Skipping School Without Getting Caught (Ferris Buller - Ferris Buller's Day Off)

Too true, Ferris, too true.
Too true, Ferris, too true.

Ferris Buller is the coolest guy in his school, everybody loves him and he can basically do whatever he wants, including cutting classes and school in general and he doesn't even get caught! Imagine how handy it would be for me if I could get of class and school and not get caught.

If I ever needed to chill or just couldn't handle school, I could just leave knowing I woudn't get caught. No matter how hard Rooney tries he just can't catch Ferris, imagine if I had this? It is one of the best skills I would need for succeeding in this mission.

2. Extremely High IQ (Basically extremely intelligent) (Tony Stark/ Iron Man - Iron Man)

Peace, Money and Intelligence.
Peace, Money and Intelligence.

Tony Stark is currently one of the most intelligent people in the MCU so imagine how useful it would be to have that kind of intelligence.

Homework? Easy Peasy.

Assignments? Done and dusted.

Tests? Man, they aren't even trying now.

Having Tony Stark's extremely high IQ would make school life so much easier. I mean, can you imagine how much easier math would get? Pfft, learning the periodic table? If I was Tony Stark, I'd have that thing memorised.

With Tony Stark's intelligence I could leave school and go to Uni before I'm even 18. This is absolutely essential to helping me survive.

3. (Almost) Unlimited Wealth (Scrooge McDuck - Duck Tales)

A Girl can dream, can't she?
A Girl can dream, can't she?

Now it appears to me, even with my two previous abilities, there would still be a lot of things that could help me survive school. What better way to get these things then with the (almost) unlimited amount wealth that Scrooge McDuck has?

Scrooge McDuck is the richest fictional character of all time, the amount of money he has amounts to 65.4 billion dollars US! Forget about just needing money to get things to help me survive school, I could just buy the school!

I wouldn't have to worry about anything again! Don't like the uniform? No problem, just get rid of it! Want better school computers? Buy new ones! With the (almost) unlimited wealth that Scrooge McDuck has, the possibilities to helping me survive school would be endless!

With these three abilities, surviving school would be the easiest thing in the world.


Assassination Skills (The Bride - Kill Bill)

Looks like killing them is my only option now!
Looks like killing them is my only option now!

If worst comes to worst, instead of completing my mission, I could just get the assassination skills of the Bride and kill all the MoviePilot staff and take the all the prizes! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- *cough* Probably shouldn't do that again.

Just kidding! I don't even know where they're all located!

Well, that's how I would survive High School.

- It's Just Woody


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