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There's a lot of bad news coming from DC. If you want to read more in detail, read "DC In Trouble? Down 2 Million Dollars? Superman Back To Normal?" or do research!

For those of you who didn't read it (which is most likely ALL OF YOU), I'll show you!

  • DC Comics Down 2 Million since LA move
  • Down on sales
  • Very Loose Continuity
  • Superman forced to go back to normal
  • A lot rides on Dark Knight III
  • Returnable comics

Anyway, DC is taking a major hit. Convergence wasn't exactly a success, however it did bring back the multiverse (though it undid Crisis On Infinite Earths). Post-Convergence isn't greatly received either. Even though events can be surprise hits or are just good (Superman: Truth and Harley Quinn), this doesn't change the fact DC is suffering.

So, question is naturally... how can you save DC comics.

DC Movies?

Probably no. The movies themselves shouldn't affect the comics, but in a way they do. Guardians of The Galaxy are more on notice now, the Inhumans are being pushed to be the next X-Men, and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver aren't going to be Magneto's kids anymore. That's a different issue, but you get the point.

Seriously... What can actually save DC comics!?

Various Covers?!

Oh Don't worry, we'll get to Darkseid War in a minute! Anyway, from the article I read, the person believes variant covers and relaunches can really help. Basically having a popular event or title and bringing out multiple variant covers for it. Also, relaunching the titles as #1. In a way, that's helps, but there are other things that have to be done!

Keep People On Certain Titles

The person goes on to say Geoff Johns should do events and other people would do tie-ins. Meaning if characters have a run or an event happens, that run in some way should connect to the event. Another thing they mention is keeping a character with one title (narrows down what you have to read).

Tighten Continuity!

That's another thing. You heard of the phrase "Creativity over Continuity" right? Readers are now confused on what they're reading. Superman: Truth is Clark losing most of his power, yet Justice League of America shows him perfectly fine. Tie-ins aren't that great on continuity because characters are suffering in one book and fine in another. Apparently, DC wants creative freedom for the writers (as a amateur writer, I understand), but connectivity isn't there main focus, telling a good story is.

If you didn't know, Pre-52 Superman is getting his comics back and with the Multiverse restored, writers can simply say their stories are on "Another Earth" or at a different time!

So... I have to ask a question... Crisis On Infinite Earths dealt with The Anti-Monitor...

since the Multiverse has returned, Darkseid War is a fight between Anti-Monitor and Darkseid. SO WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN!? I'll link an article I read about Geoff Johns addressing our concerns. Basically he talks about how continuity will eventually be tighten. Let's talk "meat and potatoes!"

Back To Normal!

What I mean by meat and potatoes is DC wants to bring Superman back to his normal self and Batman as well.

I don't like Superman being control all the time, but this does look awesome! Anyway, they also well they don't want anymore reboots. So, the things I listed here could, but I have ideas:

  • Bring back characters you already had (meaning people like Static should come back and not relying too much on heavy hitters).
  • Make the characters what they were before (Batgirl into Oracle) to produce great stories!
  • Fix Continuity! If the TRUTH event is big, don't give us a prequel while releasing the current story. If this event affects Superman, Wonder Woman, Gotham, and the Suicide Squad... make it linear! Before TRUTH should've came out prior!
  • NO MORE ORIGIN CHANGES! That will confuse readers even more. Just stick to one origin.

In Conclusion: Well, another thing I want to mention is TOO MUCH BATMAN WORSHIP! Seriously, Arrow is going to become less like Batman, but then Flash had to have the Flash signal *sigh*! Look, I like the Batman Family and I'm glad we're getting Robin some love. Batman is not the only great character! The things I listed most likely are the only way to help the DC You Initiative! Let's just focus on telling great stories and try to have some continuity there!

Superman Family Animated Series Pitch

Geoff Johns On BATMAN Becoming A NEW GOD And DC YOU Continuity

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