ByAbul Yasa Hasan Lodi, writer at

For quite some time now the arguments have been going on about the apparent absence of diversity in roles on screen i.e. the white (dominantly males) have been staple. And I totally agree. But the solution to this is not the recasting or redefining the characters. I don’t want my Johnny Storm black or my Aquaman to be Hawaiian. I want them as they are. Some people might not get this so let me rephrase this-Please stop spoiling my childhood stories and character mythologies, come up with something original, a whole new female team of Ghostbusters for instance. Black Human Torch or a gay James Bond (Pierce Brosnan recently mentioned this) don’t solve the problem they just prove the writers and creators have run out of ideas or are just lazy. Aiming for diversity we actually can have new mainstream heroes. For example Goliath, Static Shock and more. Instead of a black/gay James Bond I would love to see a new super spy. Maybe even in the same universe and someday even face 007. You see what I feel is that altering the traits of 007 in any way would be an insult to Ian Fleming. Johnny Storm and Perry White are white, Aquaman is blond, Bond is British and White.

These characters being white dominant is an indicator of the time and history the world has gone through. Let them represent what they actually are and the time when everything was whitewashed. The encounter of superman with Muhammad X is perfect example of this. Improvement takes tume and effort not ripping of characters. Since I mention Superman, only Batman gets to be brooding, dark and serious. You can't have sups Wonder Woman and every other superhero get dark just for the sake of apparently being 'grounded'. Get sense people, they are are dealing with aliens and armors and galaxies. How can this be grounded in any sense of the word???

(In case of Flash a gay and a black speedster exists in another timeline and that's okay. but suddenly if you make Barry Allen gay/black/hispanic, that's wrong.)

I just hope people and writers get a load of this and stop messing up.


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