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Hello comic book lovers,pardon the language this actually is my first post here,so i'm going to make it short and specific.

Lets get to the point, in the opening scene of Avengers:AOU ,Scarlett witch tries her dark magic on Tonystark/Iron man to bring his worst fear out of him,he then gets to see the catastrophic deaths of 'Avengers'

as the camera rolls down to every avenger lying dead,a mysterious women in some kind of special suit is shown lying next to Hawkeye

Check out the screen shot of the particular scene above

so who is this mysterious lady ?

at first i thought it was Cobie Smulders/Agent Maria Hill ,but she is clearly not the one lying dead.

so who in the any world is she ?

why is she shown in this particular scene among-est the Avengers ?

Is it an EasterEgg is a future new female Avenger ?

But Scarlet witch cant make people get visions about the future !!

whatever this question is bugging me !


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