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Like most of you, I am a 90s child, therefore I grew up watching all of the amazing animated superheros shows! I'm sure we all have our favorites, but which one had the best opening sequence? All of these have become iconic, yet it's up to us to decide which is deserving of the number one spot!

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Heroes in a half-shell! Who doesn't remember the oddly specific character traits being sung in a classic 90s theme song fashion? What makes this song so great isn't the lyrics, but more of how much it stuck in all of our minds. This was one of the catchiest theme songs in the 90s and every kid knew it by heart. It was a great, fast-paced ballad that helped get us all up in the morning so we could make it through all of our Saturday morning cartoons. I'll always remember this theme song...even when I want to forget it. (As a great side-note you can listen to a hilarious parody version here.)

4. The New Batman/Superman Adventures


This theme embodied the perfect tones for both of DC's strongest heroes. That is especially tough to do when you consider what polar opposites they are. What made this theme song so memorable was the sound of awe inspiring justice that emanated from the screen of my childhood television; I remember feeling that sense of righteousness when I heard this song. The song made you feel what these heroes stood for, and it also set a great example for the coming Justice League opening song. Perhaps even greater than the amazing music were the images of all the major foes that both Batman and Superman had faced over the years. It gave me such a great sense of nostalgia as well as earned my trust in this new show. Seeing all of these iconic villains reassured me that this show would not change what had come before in the wildly successful Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series.

3. Spider-Man


Swinging in at number three is one of the greatest superhero shows of all-time: Spider-Man! This opening sequence literally made me love guitar. More than that, it created a modern (for the time) take on the classic Spider-Man theme song that we all know and love. This song was a great way to help reestablish Spider-Man as a hero of the 90s rather than 60s. On top of the music, we get to see all of the most iconic Spidey villains as well as the most well-known Spider-Man friends and family. The sequence gave you a great sense of tone, character motivation, Spider-Man's powers, and it delivered a kick-ass guitar riff on top of all of that!

2. Batman: The Animated Series


My favorite 90s television show had to make this list! The intro to Batman: TAS was one of the greatest ever! The score was written by Danny Elfman who has a grasp on Batman like no other composer. He understands how to portray Batman with no words, just music. If you didn't know, Danny Elfman was the composer for Batman (1989). Beyond the amazing music, the striking visuals of animation legend Bruce Timm are nothing short of immaculate. We get a perfect sense of who Batman is, what he's all about, and what he's able to do. I will literally never forget this intro for as long as I live.

1. X-Men


I'll admit, I'm not a huge X-Men comics fan, but I'll be damned if I wasn't in love with this show! I remember as a kid, I had no idea what X-Men was, but after hearing this awesome song along with the shots of all the different characters I was hooked. I have watched every episode of this series all thanks to this opening sequence. I'm sure for many of us this is our number one pick because of how absolutely memorable the intro is. In fact, I have friends who hate superheroes, but still remember this song playing on television as a kid. I also love how each character is presented with such power and ferociousness. This always pumped me up and made me excited to see these heroes in action because I never felt like I was watching a kids show.

There it is folks! I hope you enjoyed this list and I'm sure there are plenty that I left off that you all love. If I did, be sure to let me know what your favorites are in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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