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Movie's and I have a special kind of relationship. Also books are life.
Lauren Victoria

Your first impression of this thrilling movie is that it appears so real. Your second impression is: this is what happens in countries with severe viral outbreaks. The plot surrounds a group of people who come together to survive the unusual circumstances that has befallen their estate.

One normal day they wake up and find that all the flats in the estate blocks have been sealed off, no opening doors, no phone signals, no electricity, nothing. A few neighbors literally knock their flat walls down so they can all join together as they believe there is 'strength in numbers'. It soon becomes clear that the situation is life threatening when Hazmat suited professionals start killing runaways and taking unknowing victims for tests. The group of neighbors who soon become friends find out that there is a nasty, deadly virus in the area, ending their confusion, but adding to their worry. It soon becomes a race for life as they compete to stay alive and survive the disaster.

This film really gives a different outlook on what we consider your average apocalyptic movie. Firstly because the virus itself has believable symptoms, you don't turn into a rabid zombie or a cannibalistic dog, it makes the plot all the more scary for its realism. Secondly, the director (Neil Mcenery) has really focused on the way the normal people change and the emotions they feel during a situation like this, instead of focusing too much on the virus itself. The cast are really brilliant; all do their characters justice but look out for Enid (Sheila Reid seen in 'Benidorm') the elderly lady that has some interesting points to make by comparing the situation to WW1. Both the fear and courage is well portrayed through leading man Mark (Lee Ross).

Although the effects could have been improved to create a more dramatic picture, the cast, script and story are well done, enough to carry the movie to its end without falling asleep. The biggest feeling I came away with was anxiety and the questions 'How far away is this from actually happening?' and 'How would I survive in that situation?'. It's not appropriate for younger viewers due to some violent scenes and profane language but definitely a film for those who like to stretch their minds once in a while.


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