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Favorite villains are the Joker, Harley Quinn. Favorite movie The Godfather (Don Vito Corleone Rocks!!)
Ayushman Sen
Say goodbye to your worries!
Say goodbye to your worries!

A perfect blitzkrieg of emotions that run in your head after watching it. The depth of emotions portrayed in this movie is just overwhelming. Disney has done it again. I recommend it for all the adults, kids can tag along sure. A perfect time for each emotion and what it means to go depressed or go to the "dark" side. The movie is all about emotions and how each emotion plays a part of your daily routine. Whether it's you as a kid or as a teenager hitting puberty, the perfect demonstration of how your emotions take over you and control you. It leaves you wondering which emotion is running through you and how you can understand it. The acting, direction, animation are all good. But the script is the hero of this rendition. The script seemed flawless and makes you realise that each of these emotions is important. Let sadness run its course, vent out your anger, You have to make a face when you are disgusted tongue emoticon, panic is what has you worried. And an excellent concept of how memories fade away or how easy it is for your train of thought to derail. This movie touches your emotional side and also makes you understand them better. This movie makes it to my list of favourite movies. Great going Disney! So to sum up, watch this joyride and get in touch with a smorgasbord of emotions after you have seen it, and finally let your emotions take over!


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