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Even years after the books were published and the movies wrapped, The Twilight Saga continues to be an unparalleled sensation to committed fans across the globe. However, some of the movies' own cast members have been notoriously candid about their lack of love for Edward and Bella's romance.

They've taken to the interview circuit to say some truly shocking stuff, and it's time to test your knowledge on just how much you know Rob, Kristen, and the rest of the actors. Did these Twilight stars really bash their own movies this hard?

1. Did Kristen Stewart actually say this about Breaking Dawn's sexuality?


"As soon as she becomes a vampire they kind of ignore their duties. Instantly, they just wanna bone. It's the most ridiculous situation. Really? You just had a child. REALLY?!"

2. Did Jackson Rathbone actually say this about his real favorite films?


"Twilight was a great experience, but Harry Potter will always be the superior franchise if I'm being honest with you."

3. Did Robert Pattinson actually say this about his own character?


"If Edward was not a fictional character, and you just met him in reality, he's one of those guys that would be an axe murderer."

4. Did Kellan Lutz actually say this about sparkling vampires?


"I didn't like the script. How scary would a glimmering vampire really be? It just doesn't make sense."

5. Did Ashley Greene actually say this about her own wigs?


"I just thought most of the wigs looked laughable. I mean, my character has visions of the future. Shouldn't she notice that her hair looks beyond dated?"

6. Did Nikki Reed really say this about boyfriend Ian Somherholder's show?


"I'll probably get in so much trouble for saying this, but I really think that The Vampire Diaries has a better portrayal of vampires."

7. Did Robert Pattinson actually say this about Twilight premieres?


"I was genuinely thinking, kind of, am I going to get shot tonight or something? Every time I go out in public I think that."

8. Did Taylor Lautner actually say this about Jacob's relationship with Renesmee?


"It was the best time of my life, but I still don't get why my character ended up with what's pretty much a kid. I'm gonna have a hard time explaining that one in the future."

9. Did Robert Pattinson actually say such a hateful thing about Edward?


"It’s like, wow, he’s a superhuman moron with absolutely no superpowers. So he wears lipstick, has a bouffant, and does little circus acts, as well. Oh, he’s so sexy."

10. Did Kristen Stewart actually say this about her own acting?


"In the Twilight movies, you can't smile 'cos you look like a complete freak. I learned that in the first one, and so I consistently toned it down to the point where I don't have any expressions."

11. Did Robert Pattinson actually say this when asked if he would be a Twilight fan if he weren't in the movies?


"I would just mindlessly hate it."

Tally up your total and comment with your Twilight standing!

1-3 Correct: You brought dishonor on your coven!

Unfortunately, it turns out that you're not all that familiar with how the Twilight cast experienced the film. Perhaps you like to believe that they had only positive things to say about it, in which case I must apologize for bursting that bubble.

4-6 Correct: You're reaching Alice's level of precognition!

Your intuition and superior knowledge have brought you close to a serious appreciation for the art of the Twilight interview. Still, there's work to be done, and with a bit of effort and YouTube sleuthing, you too can have unparalleled knowledge about this candid cast.

7-10 Correct: You're more powerful than the Volturi!

In all honesty, I'm frightened of you and your impressive memory. You've figured out this group of people, and you know exactly what to expect from them. That commitment to detail and impeccable smarts will soon make you rise to the top of your pack.

All 11 Correct: You are a Twilight master—or Robert Pattinson himself!

I see you, Rob, and I figured I would find you here. If you're not Robert Pattinson, you are just as brilliant and crafty, and you will soon be charming your way into the hearts of millions.


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