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Now, with rumors still swirling that we'll see Hugh Jackman turn up in next year's X-Men: Apocalypse - even if only in cameo form - there's an increasingly good chance that Wolverine won't be far from our screens for long. In the meantime, though, Jackman isn't exactly sitting around twiddling his thumbs (and retractable claws). Instead, in between filming and promoting the likes of Pan and Eddie the Eagle, it seems that Jackman is likely to be doing what he does best: Being ridiculously nice just for the sake of it.

His latest badass move?

Hugh Jackman Just Surprised a Kid...on the Radio?

Now, that's not just any kid, of course - that's a young boy from Sydney, Australia named Dominic, who's been living with the severe genetic disorder Cystic Fibrosis since he was a baby - and who loves Wolverine (and, presumably, Hugh Jackman).

Dominic was invited to his local radio station, and told that he'd have the chance to talk over the phone with his idol...

Which, sure enough, he totally did...

What Dominic wasn't told, however, was that Hugh Jackman was actually in the next room...

And, being Hugh Jackman, preparing for a giant slice of Wolverine-themed awesomeness...

Which, alongside the requisite Wolverine scary-face throwing, also included a pretty darned adorable hug...

You can see the whole thing right here (with the first 0:46 or so, which is mostly just one of the hosts being a hugely sexist ass, having been cunningly skipped...):

Which, it seems to me, is further proof - as if further proof were needed - that Hugh Jackman remains a serious contender for 'nicest man in Hollywood.'

What do you think, though?

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