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Miley Cyrus is many things - she's a former Disney darling, a chart-topping pop star, a social activist, a magazine cover-girl, a social media queen, a provocative dancer, future VMA presenter and even considered by many, the voice of our generation.

Like her or loathe her, one thing's clear and that's that Miley is currently having her moment and people always have something to say about her. And she's the first to admit that it's not always necessarily going to be good.

Appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show the other day, alongside discussing a series of topics such as nudity, societal expectations and her coming-up presenter role at the VMAs, she also agreed to take part in an experiment called I Witness News.

Disguising herself as an Australian reporter, complete with an Aussie accent of course, a black wig-donning Miley took to the streets to find out what people really thought of her. Here's a breakdown of what happened when "Janet" confronted some passers-by and asked them if they thought she was a bad role-model:

1. "Do you like her? What's your opinion?"

This man was very honest in saying that he wasn't a big fan of Miley. Carl, who clearly has a very firm grasp on fashion himself, said that it was her 'style' that particularly bothered him. This quickly escalated to a critique of "her whole family."

2. "Do you think Billy Ray raised her to be like that?"

Nope, this lady thinks that Miley just lost her mind in all the "Hollywood madness."

3. "What would you say if Miley Cyrus was your daughter?"

This guy wouldn't mind it, but unfortunately he just likes Taylor Swift better... Awkward.

4. "Would you love to see her host the VMAs nude?"

"I would love to see that." Well at least that's a positive response.

5. "If Miley was one of your daughters, would you let her out there dressing the way she does?"


Returning to white-vest and cowboy-hat-wearing Carl, his opinion still hasn't changed.

6. These girls were clearly BIG fans though!

Watch them join Australian Janet in a little twerk too:

Miley will be hosting the MTV Video Music Awards on August 30, 2015. Are you ready?



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