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Harry Potter's good guy story is so firmly cemented in our brains that it's almost impossible to consider the Boy Wizard in a different light. Especially not as a sadistic, unhinged cross between Tom Riddle and that terrifying child from The Omen.

Yet, an ingenious video created by comedy YouTube channel BloodBlitz has done just that, re-imagining what Harry could have turned out like if he had in fact been born with a black heart.

To achieve the effect, the creators cut together footage from various installments of the series, mashing up the dialogue of its characters to unleash Harry's murderous rage onto the Internet.

You can't deny that the result is perhaps one of the creepiest Harry Potter fan made creations you will ever encounter. And here's a glimpse as to why:

Harry is a homicidal maniac, eager to inflict suffering on others

"She deserved what she got!"

Hogwarts is no longer a safe place with such evil lurking within

The true horrors of his past lead him to commit horrific crimes

And the disturbed outsider behaves like a vicious animal with an unquenchable bloodthirst

He's a true psychopath as he smiles in the face of death

If these GIFs alone didn't give you the chills, then prepare yourself because the full video will prevent you from sleeping soundly tonight:

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