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In an unsurprising, slightly rude but completely badass move on Disney's part, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will literally be the only film shown in North American and foreign IMAX large format screens for a month! Sorry In the Heart of the Sea and The Revenant! Thanks for stopping by.

According to THR, who dropped the news, the last time IMAX pulled off a deal of this magnitude was with The Hobbit trilogy, but that was struck four years prior to the movie's release, and they haven't treaded the same road since.

"Say what?"
"Say what?"

The reasoning behind this is capital, possibly crazy amounts of capital to be made from The Force Awakens' run. IMAX recently broke their opening-weekend record, previously set by Iron Man 3's $28.8 million, when Jurassic World broke out of its holding cell and earned IMAX a cool $44.2 million worldwide - $21 million from 363 screens in the US and $23.2 million from 443 foreign screens.

But it's expected that The Force Awakens will destroy that record in a few parsecs, because... Star Wars, and the fact that it will open on roughly 800 screens around the world. That might help.

"How'd you like DUST, Avatar?!"
"How'd you like DUST, Avatar?!"

In order to not be swept up in the trail winds of The Force Awakens' hyperdrive slipstream and shake apart, Sony's impending Bond epic Spectre, and Lionsgate's closing chapter of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 will aim to be out of the screens by Dec. 18th. WB's In the Heart of the Sea, which opens on Dec. 11th, will only get one week. And even Fox's The Revenant, which opens on Jan. 8th will probably be swept away by the Force.

With these developments, I think Avatar may have some definite competition on its hands...

(Source: THR)


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