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How about a sweet story coming straight from the cosplaying world to brighten up your day? This Loki cosplayer just pulled something quite different than a sword out of his pocket to surprise his girlfriend!

This heartwarming story is full of cute n' fuzzy feelings and true love. The Firefly panel was summoned featuring Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and Summer Glau at the Wizard World Chicago on Saturday. And this cosplaying Loki needed the help of the panel to get his plan together and surprise his girlfriend. It was all set up backstage by the panel moderator Aaron Sagers, who let the Firefly panel know what was about to go down.

Instead of the panel going first, they panned straight over to the audience questions.

This was when the magic happened, which one fan managed to capture!

"There's a question for the whole panel that I have. But it's a different kind of question."
"It's for somebody who has made the past six years of my life the most enjoyable and I wouldn't be able to be without her. So Erin, would you be able to do me the honor?"

And guess what? She said yes!

Seriously, how ridiculously cute are these two? Baldwin added some extra words straight from his panel seat for these cosplaying lovebirds, adding:

"Happy wife, happy life."

Check out the proposal in all of it's mushy glory


Congratulations to Erin Voss and Brian Jeslis, I can already imagine how epic this wedding will be.

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