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Moving house can be a laborious chore in the best of circumstances, but what if, after moving in, you found out that you're new pad was previously owned by a family of Satan-loving devil worshippers?

This hellacious scenario became a reality for Imgur user booshy992, when he discovered some seriously creepy remnants of satanic rituals. Now, you might think this would be the type of thing you'd notice before you had moved in, but booshy992 says the realtor never showed him the basement or attic. However, when he did finally venture into the house's dark nether-realms, this is what he discovered...

"Saw a few of these mounted on their cars when they were moving out as well," he writes.

'Within me the devil burns'

I'd be running for the door about now.

Summoning circle

This disturbing portal to another realm was found in a hidden room in the basement.

The evil eye

What kind of horrors happened here?

Don't look in the hole!

"Do you dare to peer into the keyhole, for only horrors are to be found." NOPE.

Disturbing symbols

I don't know what it means, but it can't be anything good.

A message from the devil or Andre the Giant?

Perhaps they were just street art enthusiasts?

The blood-eyed Lebowski

Guess they weren't fans of the Coen brothers' brand of off-beat comedy.

[Source: Imgur]


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