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Nathaniel Rego

The hit new AMC series Fear the Walking Dead and the famed Walking Dead TV series bring the franchise to all new levels of experience.

As of January 2016, Boston will ultimately become the zombie infested seaborne breeding grounds for the undead on a Walking Dead themed cruise line. Sailing from Boston to Hawaii, The Walking Dead Cruise Line shall at sea take a bite out of tourism next year.

Also in Boston; Dicks Last Resort has recently been replaced at Quincy Market with a Walking Dead themed restaurant where zombies aka walkers swarm every table, booth, kitchen, and supply of food and beverage. Costumed people dressed like walkers treat ya to a zombie apocalypse themed dining experience. Furthermore, the food is better than the good old food at Dicks Last Resort. This includes The Walker Minis that are zombie themed mini cheese burgers. The Walking Dead is considered to be the number one Boston restaurant in the nation.

The Walking Dead restaurant yet shall open in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, as of 2016 (also).

During this years Halloween Horror Nights at universal parks in California and Florida, The Walking Dead returns for more of the zombie apocalypse from late September to November 1st.


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