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Now, there are a whole lot of reasons to get excited about the soon-to-arrive Guardians of the Galaxy animated series that's set to debut on Disney XD on Septermber 28th. Whether it's the fact that we'll be able to watch Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord snark at each other on a weekly basis, Gamora and Drax's inevitable badassery, or simply the prospect of being able to watch Groot being Groot, it's kind of a big deal.

What's more, it seems that the show's level of awesomeness might just be about to be ramped up to eleven ("Wait, Drax, that's a joke, the dial doesn't go that, dagnamnit"). Y'see:

It Seems Guardians of the Galaxy Is Set to Feature Some Kick-Ass Hit Songs

Which, on the surface of it, might not seem like all that big a deal. After all, the movie was packed full of awesome old-school songs, so why wouldn't the TV show?

Well, the thing about TV - and especially animated TV, where ratings are typically lower, and budgets accordingly tight - is that the budget for music licensing is usually tiny, to the point of being nonexistent. Instead, shows tend to bring in their own music departments to inexpensively create background music that sounds similar (but not so similar as to provoke a lawsuit) to the kind of music they would have licensed if they had the money.

Guardians of the Galaxy, However, Looks Set to Shake Things Up

Or, at least, that's the word coming out from Bleeding Cool, which is reporting that the show will feature the same sort of awesome '70s jams that the movie did such a good job of incorporating.

The cost of which, presumably, will be partly balanced out by the inevitable (and likely fantastic) mixtape release that'll follow the show's arrival. With that particular section of the budget unlikely to balance itself, though, it's striking - and encouraging - to see that Marvel is (in this area at least) putting creative concerns ahead of financial ones.

After all, kick-ass tunes are an integral part of what made Guardians of the Galaxy what it was - making their presence in the animated series one of those very good things we hear so much about, and rarely get to actually see.

What do you reckon, though?

via BleedingCool


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