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Everybody's favorite motorcycle-based show, Sons of Anarchy, is leaning towards a spin-off that could give FX something similar to shows like Better Call Saul gave Breaking Bad and Fear the Walking Dead gave The Walking Dead. An opportunity for the already existing community of fans who support the original show to get more of a good thing - and for new fans to join that community through the new, albeit different, show.

They've been hinting at a Sons spin-off for years, and EW has learned that series creator Kurt Sutter is now in the preliminary stages of a new show set in the Bay Area motorcycle club scene. There aren't many details, but we do know that the project will focus on the Oakland-based Hispanic motorcycle gang, the Mayans, who had a feud-filled relationship with SAMCRO throughout the original show.

In the original series, the Mayans run heroin factories and have involvement in a prostitution ring. Their cuts have the legend "Los Asesinos de Dios" - Assassins of God.

A SoA prequel was originally rumored to be in the works. There's still a possibility that it will be, and it was teased out as a prequel last month at Comic-Con, possibly as a limited series. Regardless, the show seems like a no-brainer for FX since the original has a massive following. Last December's Sons finale had an astoundingly large audience of 9.2 million viewers.

There is no title for the new project yet, and no showrunner either. Kurt Sutter is definitely set to executive produce, though.

The Mayans project will be produced by Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions.



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