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Mike Chamberlain

Now let me first state that I love movies like Batman and the Avengers. Sitting back, relaxing and putting on a Super Hero Movie is one of my favorite past times. Also the anticipation for the new Deadpool Movie has me hyped for it.

But the question I want to ask everyone is, are Live Action Movies Overrated. Now that's not to say all of them are bad. As I previously stated Batman, The Avengers, Antman etc were all great. But then comes along The Fantastic ( or in this occasion not so fantastic ) 4 and it reminds us of just how terrible Superhero Movies can be.

Now I should probably let you know that I am 30 years old so i grew up with cartoons like Transformers The Turtles and the Batman Animated series. Unfortunately this could have lead to my bias towards animated features. But even without those cartoons I grew up with I still think that I would feel the same way about animated Hero Movies.

When you watch an animated Hero cartoon (for example Justice League War ) we get to watch a epic confrontation of massive proportion that you just cant get from a Live action film without using a plethora of CGI. This is also another reason I find them pointless. If the film is mostly CGI then why not just make all of it that way. Anyway back to JL War. In this animated Movie you get a whole host of Heros battling against Darkseid and his army's of Robot...Bat...Demons. The battle goes on and lets just say epicness follows so as not to spoil it for those who haven't seen it. But those who have know exactly what I mean.

Now everything you see in the JL War you could potentially do with a Live Action Movie. However it would take months deciding on the cast and filming then putting in all the CGI effects. But mostly it would cost hundreds of millions to make. Not to mention but the human body can only do and stretch so far and despite the heros the actors are portraying they do have limits. Where as in the Animated feature you get characters that live up to the legends they are. They can do everything they can do in the comics and it costs a fraction of the price.

Another advantage is that you can get continuity. Actors cant demand wage increases, they dont get older and can no longer make movies as the beloved characters they have portrayed for years (e.g. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine) But the main thing for me personally is the scope that can be created in a fully animated movie. Its Just so much more massive than Live Action because Animation has no limits.

One last thing I feel I should mention is how much cooler Animated Characters look over Live Action Costumes. Im looking at you Green Lantern.


Anyway thats just my opinion on the subject. So what do you think? Is Animation Better than Live Action?


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