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5- Grave encounters 2- Grave encounters 2 is not your typical horror film. It is a slow paced film that launches into 100 for bursts that would terrify the strongest of horror movie fans. he sequel to the disappointing Grave encounters entails a story of conspiracy against the first film, Is it fact or fiction? Attempting to prove it is fact brought this movie to life, showing that the second time around can fix the mistakes made before. Not the best movie going for horror but if you were as disappointed in the first film as much as I am then watch this and gain some faith back.

4- The Eye 2- Another great sequel to the list The Eye two roots back to who I feel were the original horror movie Icons. A movie In Japanese and low graphics This film never received a much deserved American adaptation like The the movie it came after. Although the graphic are a little buggy this movie brings folk law of its culture to life in a grueling and twisted way. A must watch, as long as you don't mind sub-titles.

3-Extinction- THE END IS NIE!! or at least if your apart of this film. Extinction makes the list for it's ability to destroy hope in an instant in the simplest forms. There is no escaping the threat in this film, as we die out they evolve. If you want to see some good suspense, Drama and above all great jump scares go to your local rental store and take it out ASAP.

2- Cabin in the woods- No matter what you do "DON"T GO TO THE CABIN IN THE WOODS!!!" because as clique as it is this horror film almost takes the cake. It is scary, brings some humor and great context throughout (not to mention boytoy Chris Hemsworth). I know I just said don't go to the cabin in the woods but do watch these teens ignore my warning as it is sure to make you want a sequel.

1- Shelter- Who knew a priest could be a bad guy? Shelter makes it to the top for many reasons. It has an excellent story line, The perfect cast, Brilliant scares and plot-twists sure to amaze. Props to Jonathan Rhys Meyers for playing the role of the antagonist/s as he makes you believe every second. A film that I feel hasn't received the credit it deserves, Shelter will not disappoint even after it;s 1000th viewing.

If there is any film on the list you should watch please, PLEASE make it one of these master pieces.


Thin your Tough enough to watch this without being scared??


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