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Have you ever been watching a movie and started thinking, "hmm I know that place from somewhere"? As I started researching this article I noticed something that location scouts share in common, they often go for the same locations over and over again! You may be surprised to see which of these places made cameos in other unrelated movies. If you are a horror fan you may have noticed that Clear Rivers Cabin in Final Destination also appeared in Lake Placid. These are just some of many surprising cross-over locations.

7. These corridors saw Alien's be fought and the Joker be confronted by Batman

Action Lane Power Station in London was the perfect location for two very familiar films:

The dark corridors of Aliens

Tim Burton's Batman - You may recognize this place as the location for 'Axis Chemicals' in the movie.

6. The Sting hung out in the same diner as George Mcfly

The Sting

Later on, the diner got refurbished and found itself as one of Marty Mcfly's hangouts.

Back to the Future

5. Bruce Almighty taking a stroll past the famous Back to the Future set

Back to the Future - Here's Doc gliding past the famous tower.

Bruce Almighty - The clock tower appears for a mere few seconds in Bruce Almighty as the riot kicks off.

But then Bruce runs past the set to make up for it, blink and you'll miss it!

4. X-Men’s School for Gifted Youngsters Is Also Billy Madison’s House

Let me introduce you to Parkwood Estate in Ontario Canada which leant its exterior to two very different films...


Billy Maddison

3. The very recognizable Quality Cafe

The Quality Cafe has a sneaky habit of appearing in many film backgrounds, but here are just a few.

Catch Me If You Can - The moment when Carl Hanratty finds out the origins of Frank Abagnale Jr.'s (a.k.a. Leonardo DiCaprio) name.

Se7en - This cafe appeared once again when Tracy confesses to Detective Lt. William Somerset that she is pregnant.

Million Dollar Baby - The scene where the character Eddie takes Maggie out to celebrate her birthday.

2. Hatfield House

Dozens of movies have been filmed here, but here are some scenes that may cause you to get Déjà vu.

Tomb Raider

Batman Begins


1. Vasquez Rocks

This iconic place in Los Angeles has made appearances in over 51 productions, from film to TV, to music video and more. But, these are just a few of Vasquez Rocks' cameos...

Austin Powers

Star Trek Reboot

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

The Muppet Movie

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

These are just a few of the many reused locations. Can you think of any that I may have missed out?


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