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With the universe-jarring Civil War story arc finally coming to theaters next year, a lot of people have speculated that another character will take up the stars and stripes from our original Captain America. I'm here to offer you, the fans a chance to vote. Of course this is all based on speculation, and won't put one character or the other into the place of Steve Rogers.

Before we begin, does anyone want to get off? Basically, spoilers are getting ready to drop harder than a mean beat. Though well-known, I don't want to ruin anything for you. That being said, let's get started! To explain why there is an argument for Cap's replacement, let's discuss the aftermath of Civil War.

In Captain America #25 (which took place after Civil War), Crossbones kills Steve Rogers via Sharon Carter. Of course the Red Skull is behind it all, and both friend and foe of Rogers is devastated. Sam Wilson (Falcon) decides to go after the killers, while Bucky tries to kill Iron Man because he believes the blame should lay on Stark. Stark gives Barnes a letter from Rogers asking him to become the next Captain America. Bucky accepts the shield. Of course, Captain America had just been frozen in time/space, then unstuck but sent back to's complicated. Basically, Steve died, and Bucky took over.

Now, in the more recent times, Sam Wilson takes over as Cap after Steve begins to age rapidly, due to losing his powers courtesy of Iron Nail. Though he's not quite cemented himself, Sam will be the official Captain America in the All New, All Different universe starting this year. Of course, there was the time when Sam temporarily took on the mantle in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty.

All that being said...let's assume for a moment that Steve Rogers does die in Captain America: Civil War. Someone has to carry the shield, but who? Let's compare our two possible replacements quickly:

Bucky Barnes

  • Served with Steve in WWII
  • Is the most famous replacement
  • Needs the chance to redeem himself

Sam Wilson

  • Currently acts as Steve's partner
  • Was the first replacement
  • Is currently Captain America

All right, now it's your turn. Who do you think should be Captain America should Steve Rogers die in the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War? It's the battle of the sidekicks, and only one can be the fan-favorite replacement.



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