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In an April episode of the Last Week Tonight show, John Oliver highlighted a video prepared by CNN to be aired if the world was coming to an end. The Turner Doomsday Video shows an armed forces marching band playing Near God To Thee.

In response, the Last Week Tonight show came up with its own video which the world should see when humanity nears the brink of extinction. The doomsday video is presented by Martin Sheen.

And while the video is great and Martin Sheen's narration is excellent, I wondered who would be the better voices to narrate a doomsday video?

So here's my pick of five actors who've got the unique voices and would probably be great at narrating an end of the world video.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Alien Doomsday)

He's got biceps the size of an ostrich egg and a voice unique enough to remember. If the world was coming to an end by aliens, Arnold would know exactly what to say for a doomsday video:

Okay, maybe that's a little provocative. But I'm sure he would say the right thing for an apocalypse video if the devil was coming:

Oh buoy! We're so gonna be dead!

We need a better script... less anger and more words... or maybe we can get Pablo here to do Arnold's voice over:

Al Pacino (Devil Rises)

Speaking of the devil bringing in the apocalypse...

Who better to narrate a religious doomsday video than Al Pacino.

In fact, he does it so well people would actually be looking forward to selling their souls.

Bring out the welcome mats! The Devil is here!

Vincent Price (Zombie Apocalypse)

If the world is about to come to an end by the hands of the walking dead, then Vincent Price would have been the perfect guy to narrate a doomsday video.

Remember the narration in the Michael Jackson Thriller video?

That is creeeeepy!

Well, we're all going to die anyway, better by a heart attack than turning into a zombie.

Christopher Walken (Monologue Time)

There are storytellers and then there is the eccentric Christopher Walken.

A good end of the world video needs good storytelling. And nobody tells it better than this man.

Now that's a roaring story.

Morgan Freeman (For When The Penguins Come Marching)

Obvious choice, isn't he?

He's Morgan Freeman. The theatrical voice of god!

In fact, if the penguins were taking over the world, Morgan Freeman has already got some narration practice here.

Bonus: Benedict Cumberbatch

Speaking of penguins, Benedict Cumberbatch would be another great narrator if human existence gets threatened by these evil black and white birds.

Now only if he could actually say the word.

C'mon BC! You can do it. Say it... just say it...

For god's sake... it's PENGWINGS!


I mean... oh forget it!

James Earl Jones (Special Mention)

What? Did you really think Earl Jones wasn't going to be on a list of actors with voices worthy of a doomsday video?

For crying out loud, he's the Darth Vader!

So, that's my list. What do you think about it?

Which 5 actors do you think would make great narrators for a doomsday video?


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