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Wonder Woman's triumphant arrival into the DC Cinematic Universe caused many a fan to celebrate, and with Captain Marvel's debut film announced soon after, it's been good times for female heroes recently. After an endless stream of films lead by male heroes, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman offers us a much needed respite of girl power butt kicking.

Controversial Hero

Yet, instead of approval, Gal Gadot's casting in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) has been met with much criticism. So how do we know she's right for Wonder Woman?

She was an actual warrior: model-turned actress Gal Gadot is Israeli, and so was conscripted into the Israeli Defence Forces. This meant plenty of arduous physical training, as well as learning how to fight for real.

"To become a fight-training instructor in the Israeli Defence Forces I did a 4 month boot camp where I had to go on 7 mile runs every morning at 6:40am!"

Clearly, she's no stranger to hard work. And speaking of which...

She's bulking up for Wonder Woman: Gadot faced criticisms from all kinds of fans for being too slim to portray the Amazonian goddess. But the criticisms have just sharpened her resolve to kick all kinds of ass as Wonder Woman, and she's been posting updates of her training regimen online.

Check out that gun show!
Check out that gun show!

Of course, she'll never look like the Hulk, but at least we know her strength as Wonder Woman isn't just CGI tricks.

She does her own stunts: a hero indeed! For her role in the Fast & Furious films, Gadot insisted on diving right into the action.

"I did most of my own stunts, like jumping from a moving motorcycle onto a Jeep. I told our director, 'I want my character to be as impressive as the boys'."

Let's hope she keeps up this tradition for Batman vs Superman!

And beyond the upcoming superhero showdown movie, there's plenty more to be excited about for Wonder Woman...

Flying Solo

Though we have to wait until 2017, Wonder Woman's solo film is already looking very exciting. We don't know much about the plot so far, but it's slated to begin on Paradise Island, Wonder Woman's home.

The film will start before Wonder Woman became the hero we know and love, though we don't yet know whether she will be Zeus' daughter, or a miracle child moulded from clay by Hippolyta (as in the original origin story). Either way, Diana is introduced to the human world by the impromptu arrival of pilot Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine.

Naturally, she falls in love with the stranded pilot (it's Chris Pine, who could blame her), and vows to return him to his home. Which is, get this, 1920s USA! This is the first time DC has attempted a hero period piece, and the idea of heroes in the Roaring Twenties is very interesting. [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765) has captured a 40s style, showing that vintage gadgets are great fun for a spy caper. But this is even further back in time, and the prospects are delightful. Will we see Wonder Woman take down a moonshine making mafia, or hang out at a speakeasy? And what impact will Diana Prince have on our history?

We may not have to wait too long to find out, as there's a rumour that Diana Prince's origins will be revealed in Batman v Superman. Apparently, Lex Luthor is entranced by the woman who was captured in photographs for decades, yet never ages. Maybe we'll see some of these vintage pictures in Batman v Superman, in order to lay some track for the solo film.

A Brave New Era

By avikishundat on DeviantArt
By avikishundat on DeviantArt

All in all, it's a great time to be a fan of female superheroes, with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel leading the way on the big screen, while other heroes like Jessica Jones take the TV world by storm. So what do you want to see from the Wonder Woman movie? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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