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I. X Ray vision(Superman)

I chose x ray vision because Just in case the bomb is underground or in a building. I would use it to locate the bomb.

II. Intellect (Light Yagami: Death note)

In order for me to disarm a bomb that could kill me and my entire city,I'll need the logical reasoning, intelligence and wit of Light Yagami (Death Note). With these supreme intellectual abilities, I'll be able to crack all of the riddles and codes in my way and hack into the bomb and stop it from exploding.

III. Instant Transmission (Goku: Dragon Ball Z )

This one was just in case i somehow don't figure out the codes. I could easily take the bomb to Pluto and let it explode there. Keep in mind tho im not actually a saiyan so i won't be able breathe in space so i have to be quick. Tranport there; leave bomb; transport back.

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