ByJose Arguelles, writer at

Misson: Alright infiltrate the bat cave and use the bat computer

Team needed: the brains, hands on combat, the get away

The brains

Ironman he can hack anything within minutes with class he can also detect any intruders using his armor and jarvis and if the situation gets ugly well hes iron man batman has no chance

Hands on combat

Its was hard to choose but ill go for james howlett (The Wolverine) with his experience in combat, healing factor, keen of senses, and of course hes CLAWS that are razor sharp, cut through anything Bats has no chance against him

The getaway

Now the time to escape i had to do my homework on this and it wasn't easy. I chose Goku. Yes i said Goku the strongest but with strength he has another great ability "instant transmission" teleportation to anywhere any place he can think. Batman has no way in the world can he tace them (little he knows they're with master roshi looking at some awesome magazines)

Now you have i have excuted awesome job with the strongest and the smartest there is if i got something or questions let me know k please this what my co-workers, wife talk about


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