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Alright Potterheads, it's time to test your spell knowledge. We all know it's pointless to try to test you on your book or movie knowledge so let's hope this one is at least a bit more challenging for you! Good luck!


Which spell transforms the target into a bird?

The correct answer is avifors! Why you would need/want to turn someone into a bird is beyond me but, hey, why not?


Which spell changes the color of your clothes?

The correct answer is multicorfors! Another one that I am not too sure why it's necessary so kudos to you if you got it!


Which spell is the full body-bind curse?

Those last two were a little bit harder so I threw this one in just to make sure you don't go too crazy! The correct answer is petrificus totalus!


The densaugeo spell grows what?

Teeth! Useful for babies I guess? Or to make your enemy look like a beaver. Either way, pretty useful if you ask me!


The homenum revelio spell reveals what?

The correct answer is human presence! Good for sneaking around as used by Hermione to keep the crew away from snatchers!


The Half-Blood Prince created which spell?

Expelliarmus of course! JUST KIDDING!!! The correct answer is sectumsepra. Harry found it in his (Snape, in case you didn't know) potions book.


Which two spells are not opposites?

The correct answer is avifors and baubillous! I gave you the first half of it from the first question and baubillous creates a bright yellow lightning bolt.


Which unforgivable curse is the only one you have to use a wand motion for?

The killing curse has a wand motion while the other two you just point the wand at the target. Harry's scar is the shape of the wand motion for the curse which is shaped like a lightning bolt.


Which spell heals minor injuries?

The correct answer is episkey! If you recall, Luna Lovegood uses it to fix Harry's broken nose given to him by Draco Malfoy!

How did you do?

I'm sure you all know your Potter facts so well so you probably got them all correct? No? Let me know in the comments!! Keep practicing your spells Potterheads!


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