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It's official. The teams have been announced and it does not make sense to me. Now these are just the primary characters on the team and not the full lineup.

Team Iron Man!

L-R War Machine, Black Widow, Iron Man, Black Panther (seriously?!) and Vision.

Now I get why War Machine and Vision are on Starks side due to them being close to Tony Stark. But what about Black Panther? I seriously have no idea why T'Challa would side with Stark especially since the Panthers have a rich history with Steve Rogers. Rogers fought alongside Azzuri (T'Challas grandfather) in WW2 and had close affiliation with Wakanda. Being on Starks team makes no sense to his character who in the comics, T'Challa considers Rogers as one of his closets friends.

Then there is Black Widow. Again this makes no sense. Widow is closer to Rogers than Stark especially in the comics. She has also been romantically linked with Bucky Barnes (who is Rogers best friend). Seeing as that Bucky is Team Rogers it does not make sense.

Team Captain America!

L-R Ant Man, Hawkeye, Agent Carter, Captain America, The Falcon (with Redwing) and Bucky Barnes.

This team is of no surprise. However, this team looks considerably lightweight compared to Starks team. So happy that Redwing is featured. However, I do like the team as a whole.

So we still have to see who Scarlet Witch, Hulk and Spiderman choose. I just hope that the characters are reflected in their comic counterparts.


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