BySelena Alvarado, writer at

This story is about two family's with two girls who got switched at birth Regina bays biological mother found out daphne was not hers at age 3 but thought it was best not to say anything. Soon they found out what's going on. Angelo found Regina and daphne and bay met. Angelo decided so sue the hospital And earned a big amount of cash. Later in the show they all got along with Angelo and but Regina and him had a fight because Regina pulled a gun to daphne not knowing it was her Regina was yelling who ever you are leave I have a gun and she was in a room daphne couldn't hear so she walked in that's when daphne told Angelo and it caused Angelo to pass away by an aneurism and a car crash. He was brain dead the removed some of his insides to people who needed them and so bay Regina and daphne knows a part of him still lives on later Regina started a coffee shop with a man and and they were together daphne was with a guy from college and bay and Emmett had broken up

I forgot to say bay took the blame for trashing Regina and another mans area where they were building so daphne didn't get sent to Jail and that daphne and this guy named natcho was there to stop her also so daphne could presume her dream and help people by becomeing a deaf doctor


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