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So, the first image for the new [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) movie, slated to come out around Christmas of next year, has been released, as well as a bit of new information.

And as a fan, I am super excited for this movie. Just about as excited as I was when it was announced. Obviously my excitement was deterred as it was delayed and there was confusion, but this film has been on the rise since then. More actors have signed on, production is going to begin next week and now we have our first look at what Michael Fassbender will look like as an Assassin!


I'm digging the costume. While not as armored as so many people will expect, it fits the slick look that most Assassins would go for. Not to mention that Altair hardly any armor on him outside of some padding. He looked big because he was a bulky dude. Ezio had more armor as the games went on to go along with his age, and I think Connor just wore the outfit and filled the rest. Boy was big.

This might also just be me, but it slightly resembles Edward's pirate outfit, at least the torso does. It has a mix of red and blues and the pattern of it just reminds me of that outfit. The torso also has hints of Ezio and Altair in it, too. I'm surprised there isn't a little more Ezio, though.

The information we're given is that this is a brand new character to the franchise named Callum Lynch, and we will be following his ancestor Aguilar through 15th Century Spain in order to learn about the Templar in the present day and take them on.

Oddly, my first thought was about Ezio. "Isn't he still alive?" And, given where this movie may take place, Ezio might just be in his prime. Ezio was around for the latter part of the 15th Century, only becoming the great Grand Master when Constantinople turned into Istanbul, but was on the rise for the better part of 1480ish-1499, when Brotherhood takes place and Cesare (little punk) meets his doom.

We're not given a specific year, but, come on. What was one of the biggest, most well known events in world history, also regarding Spaniards?

Christopher Columbus sailing to the New World. I mean, sure, back then he wasn't meant to find the New World, but one would imagine that something of this significance would have to be played up. Or, you know, the whole Spanish Inquisition thing...

I mean, that happened.

Still, we'll find out. I also feel like I'm in the small minority about this, but I'm very pleased that they're going with a brand new character in a location we haven't seen before, but a time that familiar to fans as the end of the Renaissance/ era of Ezio. Most fans get all riled up when a video game movie goes wrong and particuarly when a character is egregiously done wrong.

Now, though, we have brand new characters that can't really be done wrong. Really, one Assassin (Ezio) has played like three different characters. He went from brash, to a leader, to incredibly wise. Altair was a little punk before evolving into arguably the greatest Assassin ever. Edward hardly passes as an Assassin for some people, and we've yet to see how Jacob and Evie hold up from the upcoming Syndicate game (which looks promising, I might add).

Besides, the graphic novels and side-scrollers have added new characters (okay, technically China doesn't, but it still evolves her character from just being Ezio's assistant). Those are pretty interesting stories that give new spins on the ever-growing mythology of the franchise.

Not to mention that there will be a present-day aspect to all of this. The games have been pretty quiet about it since 3 and Juno hasn't really done anything outside of appearing from a computer. Unity gave us basically nothing in the present day, which is a darn shame. I don't expect this film to take the direction of Juno and all those guys, but I would like to hear mention of it, maybe also about the player going off with Shaun and Rebecca to do their own thing. Gotta at least mention Desmond.

Again, we don't have too much to go off of right now--you know, like, a specific date or other characters or our historically significant buddies--but little information is at least information. Better than just sitting around and forgetting that the movie exists. It's been the film dangling over our heads for next year that we're completely forgetting about, and hopefully it proves us all wrong in doing so by being just as good as the games have proven. I'm excited to see the franchise branch out in a new direction and be more diversified as such, perhaps even lending some other franchises to do the same. It'd be great to see.


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