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The next Green Lantern movie titled 'Green Lantern Corps' is scheduled to hit theaters around 2020. Now not much about this movie has been revealed other than rumors are speculating that there will be more than one Green Lantern. Now so far talks about the upcoming Green Lantern movie has cooled down but that doesn't mean we can't talk about it. Down below is a list of what the upcoming movie needs to do in order for it to be successful film and not repeat history again.

Buddy cop film

If rumors are true that the film will consist of Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner, then it should ultimately be a straight-up buddy cop film. The buddy cop movie genre is dying and it could use for a epic comeback and the GL reboot is the perfect for it. Replace guns with Green Lantern rings, common crooks with common alien thieves, corrupt cops with corrupt lanterns(Sinestro) and ultimately a straight-up popcorn action flick consisting in space. With all those personalities mixed together consisting of Guy being the hotshot, John being the serious one and Hal being the reckless one it bound to be a good film. And who knows? You could probably add a little Kyle Rayner in there as well.

Never Have it on Earth

The upcoming Green Lantern reboot should not be an Earth story in anyway shape or form. The best Green Lantern stories are never on Earth so why should it be on Earth period. I can understand why the 2011 movie was on earth because Hal Jordan was ultimately learning how to become a Green Lantern but if Hal and etc are all seasoned lanterns then there no reason why the movie should be on Earth. They should be travelling galaxies, exploring new worlds, fighting intergalactic threats and ultimately being good space cops. Earth should never be the setting of a Green Lantern movie ever again unless the Green Lanterns are preparing to leave Earth and starting there mission in space.

Incorporate Sinestro War storyline?

The Sinestro Corps storyline is an epic one I tell you and is one of the best Green Lantern stories out there. It basically Sinestro a former Green Lantern now turned Yellow Lantern decides to have his own army and declare all-out war on the Green Lantern Corps and the entire universe itself. The storyline is action packed and could be beautiful visually to see on the big screen. But is it too early? The Sinestro Corps War storyline has alot of characters including Anti-Montior, Superman-Prime and Cyborg Superman who are character that haven't been explored yet in the current DCEU. If this movie were to happen it would probably have to exclude alot out in order for it to fit in the continuity of the DC Extended Universe. So maybe incorporating this storyline in the first GL reboot isn't the best idea but maybe in the future as the DCEU continues to expand beyond 2020 we can get this action packed story on the big screen.

Well that all my suggestions for the upcoming Green Lantern reboot. Hopefully these options are incorporated into the film so it can ultimately be a successful film as many GL fans out there including myself want a good Green Lantern film made as we all this product has loads of potential and could potentially be the Star Wars of the DCEU as it has so many great storylines too chose from and could really build a solid trilogy around the Green Lantern's. Well all we can do is pray right?

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