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Yes. I'm That Good.
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James Bond. A criminal organisation's worst enemy. Good looks, charm, and a killer right hook provide for an agent who can truly stand in a class of his own but also land him on the top spot of any self-respecting supervillain's 'to kill' list. Over the past 50 years many have tried but he always overcomes them and succeeds in his mission. This has gone on for too long.

Blofeld along with the rest of Spectre have been defeated more times by Bond than possibly any other organisation. So they put their thinking caps on and spent many nights pondering how they could take down such a great adversary, someone so perfect and so superior that he can practically take down an army single handedly. They came to the conclusion that Bond only has one weakness: women. It was wildly documented that Agent 007 has bed many a woman over the years and practically never resist one, now Spectre aren't the first to figure this out as many deadly women have pried on Bonds soft spot and tried to take him out. Bond, however, still outwits them. Blofeld pays off a small, yet advanced, genetic engineering research lab to create something: The perfect Femme Fatale, or as she will be know 'Agent X'.

Know Your Enemy:

James Bond a.k.a Agent 007 is the ultimate spy. He's smart, a strategic genius, capable of breaking into anywhere, cracking the hardest codes and out thinking the cleverest people on the planet. He's tough, a master hand to hand combatant, trained in many disciplines, deadly with all forms of fire-arms and can sure-as-hell take a punch. He's been in this business longer than anyone and constantly proves himself to be the top of his profession, there's nothing he hasn't seen and nobody he hasn't defeated. James Bond is one of the single deadliest human beings in the world.


To create this perfect 'femme fatale' the scientists need the genes to pull from, the elements from people who will allow this new agent to complete her mission. Here's what she needs...

Mystique: Shape-shifting

Obviously the first step to taking down James is the seduction. He will need to be taken off his feet, he will need to not be able to look away, he needs to be struck by awe at how perfect she looks so instead of drawing of any particular individuals visual appeal why not draw from a woman who can look as good as she chooses to? Bond wants green eyes? Done. Prefers blonde? Easy. Any height, weight or ethnicity he wants this ability will allow Agent X to match it perfectly. Bond will not be able to draw his eyes away and will not be able to resist her perfection before it's too late.

Agent X + Mystique = Irresistible.

Irene Adler: Intelligence

Bond may be smart. But smarter than the woman who could out-wit Sherlock Holmes? I don't think so. For Agent X to truly succeed in destroying 007, after bedding him, she has to be able to prevent him from getting away, killing her or incapacitating her. That is where her brain comes in. Adler would've planned for every possible outcome, have plans, have backup plans, have backup backup plans. Bond tries to kill Agent X, she has a weapon right to hand, he tries to escape, she's blocked the doors and windows. If our femme fatale had this level of intelligence then Bond stands no chance.

Agent X + Irene Adler = Genius

Sarah Conner: Pure Badass-ery

Now let's assume than some how Bond has managed to get away from Agent X (which is highly unlikely) she will need that little added extra which makes her as deadly (if not more so) than Bond himself. That's why you add Sarah Conner. By the time of Terminator 2 she has trained herself into a one woman death-machine capable of out running or taking on a Terminator. When Bond gets away you can be damn sure he won't be running for long, it's more of a matter of how Agent X will take him out. Headshot? Chest riddled with bullets? Poison? So many options if you have this kinda woman in your genes.

Agent X + Sarah Conner = Deadly

Agent X > James Bond


Will this 'Agent X' succeed in her mission?


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