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2013 marked the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, the show that was celebreted all around the world in over 98 countries and while that was going on as fans we were treated a month early to Big Finish Productions hand in this special occasion.

Written and Directed by Nicholas Briggs (The Vess) in this story and if you can spot the child actor at the start. His son has a small role in the beginning of the tale. Briggs did something brave for the 50th that wasn't your standard Doctor meet up. But made it feel like a movie and different tales that interact with each other as part of a grand scheme. Briggs did a fantastic job of working round that the original Three Doctors could be in the adventure given that they weren't here and part of the big Tardis in the sky. William Russell, Frazer Hines and Tim Treloar took on the roles though they were minor they were vital of the plot. A special mention is that this story is the first proper multi-doctor adventure to include Tom Baker in the mix. With a variety of companions from all the eras popping up in cameo forms with the likes of Katy Manning, Carole Ann Ford, Janet Fielding and even Jean Marsh this story is action packed and phenomenal. A plot centred around a man named Bob Dovey and The Master once again portrayed by the magnificent and sinister Geoffrey Beevers.

The tale for told of Louise Jameson, Sarah Sutton, Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred and India Fisher being on hand with their respective Doctors.

The story is a delicious treat for who fans and the banter is great between The Fourth/Eighth and Sixth/Seventh Doctors.

Briggs wrote a corker of an anniversary story and if you are worried about Charley Pollard. because you haven't heard her adventures with Eight or her solo range then do not worry as this is early days with those two.

A corker of a story and will always recommend it 10/10.


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