ByJoe Kendall, writer at

Joe Kendall is a family man and just as country as the music he writes and sings.

Born and raised in the backwoods area of Mississippi, his music reflects the Southern life that he and fans alike love. Growing up in a musical family, he was around a guitar and singing more than any other form of entertainment. “We didn’t watch TV. We listened to music.” says Joe.

He began writing songs at sixteen and performed with several bands at local clubs but never really got his own band together. After finding the love of his life, Belinda, Joe had two children and put a music career on the back burner. He still played and wrote music every chance he could get.

With the children getting older, Joe found more free time to work with music and began recording. He then got up with cousins TJ Carpenter and Troy Hill to work on music and what would eventually become 10 Roof Entertainment.

When asked about performing songs, Joe was quick to show he wasn’t a fan of today’s overly produced theatrics but more about the lyrics and music, stating “That’s what it’s all about. It’s the song. The rest of it don’t matter. You ain’t got a song. You ain’t got nothing.”

Joe loves music and would love to see his music career carry him many places but he knows it will always carry him back to his inspiration and where his heart will stay… home.



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