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A supporting artist, dancer and model born and raised in Slough, England. Mr Stephen Calcutt has had a quiet extra ordinary carer. Having appeared in the TV, Film and Music career.

Stephen has been the body double in all three of the original trilogy of Star Wars. He was a body double for Dave Prowse, the man who is Darth Vader

and Peter Mayhew. The Wookie Roars himself Chewbacca,

also having worked in Jabba's place as the body double of Bib Fortuna.

Stephen has also worked on Doctor Who in episodes such as Genesis of The Daleks, The Armageddon Factor, Full Circle and Kinda (as the man behind the costume of The Mara).

Stephen also worked as a dancer as a Transalyvanian in the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Having worked on James Bond films and two Harry Potter's.

Stephen has also been in Indiana Jones and was the body double of John Cleese as his roles as Q and Nearly Headless Nick.

So what is Stephen up to these days? Mainly attending the convention circuit as a guest and enjoys meeting the fans.


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