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Unabashed Transformers fan. Man crush on Tom Hardy. Avid fan of Tommy Wiseau's cult disasterpiece The Room.
James Wood

Watching this is like being the five year old me all over again, discovering big action blockbusters for the first time with my eyes wide, jaw dropped and full attention, this is the ultimate blockbuster.

Critics may not like most of his films, and a lot of the audience are divided up, but Michael Bay knows how to entertain and bring in the big bucks, and make your money worth while. His films contain elaborate sweeping shots that show off his skills in technicality, and the action will make you gasp. If Bay delivered at the top of his game in one film, the perfect example would be Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, the third adventure in the wildly successful blockbusting franchise, a franchise that has made well over $2 billion.

This is one of my all time favourite movies and contender for the best 3D experience ever. Throughout the film, locations pops to life from the Cybertron war at the opening to the intense motorway chase and the mind-blowing, hour long Chicago climax that will knock you off your seat. Michael Bay has outdone himself. Depth is monumental, even in faster cut shots the ability to sense space is apparent in all scenes. Dark of The Moon delivers incredible action alongside a solid storyline that just gets better and more involving throughout, it's the strongest plot of the franchise and I love how the Space Programme is used against the backdrop of a darker mission to the Moon.

This entry also introduces new characters to the epic franchise as well as returning cast members. Shia LaBeouf, Kevin Dunn, Julie White, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, John Turturro, Ken Jeong, Alan Tudyk and exceptional newcomer Rosie Huntington Whiteley are all on top form with razor sharp performances delivering both emotion, wit and believability.

Like I said Michael Bay is the master of scale and chaos, the finale of this film is the best I've ever seen. Chicago falls to its knees in the last act, an epic battle of robot-smashing, pyrotechnic carnage that goes on for nearly a whole hour. Sometimes I get the temptation to skip most the movie and just watch this part but the build-up is just too good to miss.

The visuals are Oscar worthy, perfect, the sound roars to life and the slow motion long shots allow you to take in the might and chaos of the destruction on show here, jaws will drop at the size of this movie. It's without a doubt some of the best 3D I've ever seen speeding ahead of Avatar and Gravity. Overall this is a spectacular special effects bonanza with Michael Bay at his best.


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