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Warning! the article has spoilers to Ant-man and Avengers 2!

Hello to all the readers! today I am going to discuss the theory that created by people following the scene from the film Ant-Man (and of course my theory):

In the start of the movie Ant-Man we can see young Hank Pym enter to office where: Howard stark, Agent Carter and Agent Mitchell Carson are waiting to him.

After that scene some fans created a theory that says that maybe PeggyCarter is Tony's Stark mother (and I know that in the comics she isn't, but the MCU does many things that aren't in the comics).

maybe Peggy Carter is Tony's Stark mother
maybe Peggy Carter is Tony's Stark mother

So maybe in "Captain America: Civil War" after Cap and Tony already had a big argument about the new law but not so big to cause a fight and than Cap discovers that his old love is actually the mother of the man that thinks super heroes need to be in the army, and he can't ask Peggy nothing about this (maybe she will be already dead because she isn't in the cast), It could make him even more angry about Tony that cause him to pick up the new Avengers group that he, and Black Widow created.

the new Avengers team
the new Avengers team

But than they wiil have an argument that will make them to split to two groups, one will stay with Cap and one that will go to Tony.

So dear my readers this is my theory. I hope that you liked it and leave a commet what you think.

Thank you! And Goodbye!


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