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Another day, another headline with the words "Star Wars" in it. It seems like the Star Wars universe is cranking out news worthy pieces just about every day now, and I could not be more excited. But even with all the of the known elements from the newest installment of the franchise, I still feel as though there is plenty of surprises in store. For example . . .

Since the very first teaser for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film, there have been a lot of questions surrounding the character of Finn, as played by John Boyega. From the opening shot featuring Boyega in a storm trooper uniform, up to current day, fans are left with many unanswered questions to ponder regarding the new character and his story arc.

Today, the Star Wars Instagram page released a short teaser that features John Boyega wielding a blue lightsaber in what looks to be the same scene as Kylo Ren from the first teaser-trailer.

Could this be the climactic fight of the movie? Is Finn able to utilize the force and potentially become a Jedi? Well, fans still do not know for sure, but you can watch this short teaser from Episode VII: The Force Awakens and theorize for yourselves what this means for the future of the Star Wars Universe:

Comment below on your hypothesis concerning Finn (Boyega), as well as what it all means for the upcoming trilogy. Catch 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' in theaters this December, and as always follow me for more news and speculation from your favorite films and television shows.


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