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Originally from my blog Simba's Pride News 2

features Kion arguing with some hyenas to let his honey badger friend Bunga go.

However it's got an interesting exchange between Kion and one of the hyenas:

Kion: Let him go! You hyenas don't want any trouble with my dad!

Hyena: Oooh, like how you'd get into trouble if you came into The Outlands!

If you recall, the Outlands was the place Zira and her Pride were banished to, where they had "Little food...less water..."

Source: Image copyright Disney
Source: Image copyright Disney

If The Lion Guard is post Simba's Pride, then it's possible they over took the Outlands after the Outsiders joined the Pride Lands. Nuka made it clear they no longer lived in the Elephant Graveyard with his line, "This place is even creepier since the hyenas ran off." while he and Vitani were there.

We'll have to wait and see how things connect to The Outlands though.


As mentioned in the last post, the Outlands make an appearance in The Lion Guard. However Disney has now put out an extended clip that shows more of the Outlands in it's Elephant Graveyard-esque glory. Also we learn Simba's possibly still possibly a worrywort like he was in Simba's Pride. Here's the extended clip:


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