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Tré Roland-Martin

Virgin, like the Walt Disney Company, is a multi-billion dollar company that is responsible for things like music, cell phone service, soft drinks (Virgin Cola didn't last very long), airline systems, and even its own space program.

However, I would like to bring this to everybody's attention (well, the "everybody" who would be happening to read this article right about now!). Since Virgin is a multi-billion dollar media company, should there be such thing as "Virgin Children's Entertainment"?

Despite the name, Virgin is not just for people ages 18 and older. I just thought of writing about this idea because when I was going to do album reviews on another website, I attempted to type a review on the official Virgin website (without success), and Virgin claims that their website is family-friendly, as the website frowns upon any cursing or sexual references. So, technically speaking, Virgin is a family-friendly company.

If there is a Virgin Children's Network, it would probably start broadcasting in the UK, the company's home country, as well as in parts of Europe and Japan. I think that if the network were to broadcast its own material, I bet they could be very flashy, rather futuristic children's cartoons that would be animated with the passion and whimsy of an arena rock star, as well as music videos of songs that would be considered "family-friendly" depending on the lyrics and structure.


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