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Arrow is an amazing show, but season 3 de-railed a little bit. I did not hate it, I still loved it and I watched it. The Flash was so great, it blew away Arrow season 3. We now know that the producers are going to make this a much better season, so, knowing that, here are the things to expect from Arrow Season 4!


Uniting Once More

At the end of Season 3 everyone disbanded. We know Roy Harper is gone, not dead, but gone, Ray Palmer will be doing his own thing with the Legends, and Oliver and Felicity will be in Coast City. This leaves Diggle, Laurel, and Thea back at STAR city, yes no more Starling City, there is only STAR. The first arc of the season will be everyone re-uniting and fixing their problems (Oliver and Diggle) and then teaming up with the Flash to defeat a bigger force, that will bring everyone back together, except Roy, he's gone.

New Codenames and Costumes

We'll get to Oliver later but for everyone else, Diggle will be getting a costume, most similar to the image above. He's also getting a codename, my money is on The Guardian. Laurel will still be the Black Canary and upgrade her tech probably. Thea now plays a role and will be Speedy and they will upgrade her costume most likely. Felicity will also be getting a codename, which is pretty interesting.

The Introduction of Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E.

Instead of Ra's a Ghul and the League of Assassins, we will be getting Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. To be honest, I really am not thrilled by this. This might make the show even worse. I could be wrong, I probably am, I'm not sure. This is all hacking so this will have emphasis on Felicity, hopefully used correctly. Damien will probably end up becoming Felicity's dad, so this will really focus on her. Keep in mind that Malcolm Merlyn and the League of Assassins are not gone, they will be appearing next season in a big or small way.

The Introduction of the Green Lantern

With Oliver and Felicity spending a whole arc of the season in Coast City means we will get a ton of Green Lantern easter eggs. They have been hinting at Coast City for a while and now we're here, for a reason, it's not just an easter egg. I can't really speculate on this much but we will most likely meet Hal Jordan and he will hopefully use that ring!

Thank god!
Thank god!

A Lighter Tone

The success of The Flash automatically makes this a lighter show. We all know now that there will be some jokes being cracked, meaning the best thing...

GREEN Arrow!!!

After all this time, we will finally get justice to Green Arrow. I like both versions of Oliver Queen but I like the lead up from Arrow to Green Arrow! He will be funny and more bad-ass and introduce a new hero. He will be a new hero, he has to be someone else, something else...


What are you most excited for in Arrow Season 4?

Arrow Season Four premieres Wednesday, October 7th

What do YOU guys think about Arrow Season 4 and what we will see? Tell me below and I'll respond.


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