ByBrad Dee, writer at

Within the last three months, we have been trapped in a mystery within the pages of all the Superman titles. We have known that Lois had divulged the identity of Superman to the world in a blog, but, we never knew why. We also knew that Superman had lost more then half of his powers, but again, we never knew how that happened. Clark was being hunted by the people that he swore to protect. He was thrown out of the fortress of solitude and forced to make his living elsewhere. But, we never knew why this all happened. But now, the truth is revealed and we see the actions that happened to cause Lois to make that faithful decision.

I wanted answers, and this issue (and writer Gene Luen Yang) gave them to me. But, the problem is the way that the answers were supplied to us. Now, not all the blame can be given to Yang. Truth has been a bad storyline from the start, with the exception of the issues of Action Comics that has come out recently. The story has started at the end, and due to conflicting weeks where nobody knows what is going to happen, we already knew how this issue would end. Lois of course goes fully against her character to make a spontaneous decision that effects Clark and everyone that trusted him.The character of Horde is very weak also and doesn't instill any form of threat within him. It's frustrating that this series can simultaneously do so much right yet make so many fundamental mistakes along the way. Yang's generally strong characterization and Romita's art don't entirely make up for a bland villain and rushed pace in this issue. Not everything about this issue was bad though. There were moments that reminded us of the good days of Lois and Clark, and helped to remind us why these characters need to b together. But,the way the issue was handled, and the writing that was given don't make us want to continue reading this title. It was a daring move what happened in the last few months in these books. Maybe it will work out in the end, but only if all the writers of the various superman titles can finally get on the same page. So far, that hasn't happened. When that happens, comics like this come out that make you more grateful for the old days then what is going on the shelves now. I give this issue a 4 out of 10.


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