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If you read my review for the first Iron man movie you will know that i personally think the first Iron man was a game changer for the MCU.

I am reviewing all Marvel films before "Captain America: Civil War".

Yet even with the same director coming back from the first movie as well as the cast , with slight new additions. The movie falls flat on it's A** . Not saying the second movie is a terrible movie by all means , it still holds Robert Downey Jr.'s charming performance . But the movie fails all around as it turns to a revenge story by Mickey Rourke's character Ivan Vanco. who seeks revenge on Tony Stark for his fathers mistake on Vanco's father.

Not saying it could not have worked but the movie around became a little predictable , a little sloppy at points and didn't hold the true charm that the first movie held.

but for me the biggest downfall to the movie was the execution and Vanco's end , it didn't feel fulfilled or by any means unique . it felt "OK its over". and Iron man 2 was a big step down from the first movie.

Thought the movie is entertaining , holding charm of the performances and the scripts are not dramatically awful but the movie didn't hold the overall charm.


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