ByBrad Dee, writer at

For the past two years, Bunn has written one of the best comics that Marvel has produced in the form of Magneto. The entire comic was about retribution and amending for the sins of your past. It was about the villain of the story finally doing something good to appease all the sins of his past. It was about the final option for a man who the world saw as a monster. But, in the last 4 months, we have seen that monster do everything possible to save the world that despises him more then anyone. We have seen him lie and try to get enough power to prevent the final incursion from happening, even at the cost of his own life. This was the final adventure of Magneto, and he was going to go out a hero regardless.

In ending their Magneto series Cullen Bunn and Gabriel Hernandez Walta decided to take a look back at some of Magneto’s most notorious moments through history. Going all the way back to his assault on Cape Citadel in 1963’s X-Men #1 the creative pair show Magneto’s greatest crimes throughout the years and make Magneto ask himself – were they worth it? The most interesting aspect is that Walta draws most of these scenes in for more gruesome detail than the original events had, but Bunn is able to offer Magneto’s own perspective on each event. The villain appears more monstrous, but his actions in many cases more justifiable. In the end, Magneto knew that he had one last chance to show he was not the monster that everyone felt that he was. One last chance to save the people who hated him. Now, in the start of this story, we knew already he had failed. But, this was not about that. It was about a man learning that everything he had done in the past was not right. It was a man finally seeing the error of his ways. A man who finally witnessed his own tragic life in his own final moments. This alone makes this comic of the week in my opinion. It's a fitting end to the Magneto comic series, and one can hope then when Magneto returns after Secret Wars ends, he comes back as a hero, not the monster that the world remembers his as. I give this amazing comic a 9 out of 10.


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