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In honor of the new Captain America: Civil War Movie i have decided to review all Marvel movies before it.

With Iron man being a game changer and its sequel being a typical superhero movie with a good grasp of the first movies charm. Iron man 3 is an action movie with Iron man in it and does not feel like an Iron man movie but a good action flick.

Though for some reason the movie captures some aspects on why Iron man 1 was a fun action movie, it was missing the superhero elements that the first and second movie held . Not saying there was no superhero elements in the movie but overall felt like another revenge story held by The Mandarin at Stark for not listening to his ideas.

Though i liked this movie a little bit better than the second installment , I will agree that by all means the Iron man sequels are not too interesting but the overall aspect of them feel like revenge movies. I mean don't get me wrong revenge stories are good and all only when handled right. But for me personally, the Iron man sequels just throw revenge stories in their just to have them while placing the name "Iron Man --"

The twist of the character Mandarin is enjoyed by some, hated by others. Personally i believe the twist was sloppy and poorly written, as if so much more could have been developed by this character. Overall, this movie can be considered a great action film, but not so much considered an Iron Man movie. I stand by my rating only because I believe the movie had so much elements missing from it, and not enough effort put towards the characters and story together.

The movie had only few great climax scenes and provided little details unlike the first installment. Stark's portrayal seemed over the top, yet the film seemed like the true potential of it wasn't truly met. I shall give this film a 6.4 rating only because it did not feel much like an Iron Man film, but another action film with the title "Iron Man 3" slapped on it. In order to really reach out to the fans, this film should have included way more elements of Iron Man in it, which appeared absent throughout quite a bit of it.


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