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While the horror genre is not everyone's cup of tea, the foreign cinema is usually not the horror fan's cup of tea either. Your average horror fan is most likely not into subtitled films. I personally grew up loving both so I enjoy when the two can come together. And while I was not a huge fan of the original Japanese versions of such films as The Ring or The Grudge, there are many other Asian Horror films that are extremely amazing.

For awhile now, I had planned on doing some reviews on some of my favorite ones. I just never found the time. I finally sat down and chatted about 3 of them. Its been awhile since I had seen them but they are definitely some of the best. Some include the best names in the biz, such as Fruit Chan and Takashi Miike (who did Ichi the Killer and Audition).

Three...Extremes is an interesting compilation of 3 short films consisting of Dumplings, Cut and Box. The special DVD box set comes with a DVD of the 3 short films as well as a full length version of Dumplings, a much different version than the shorter version featured in 3 Extremes.

* a.) In Dumplings, we have an aging actress attempting to hold onto her beauty by seeking out Aunt Mei and her "special" dumplings whose secret ingredients promise to give her back her youthful looks and vitality that she seeks. And while she is well aware of what goes into Aunt Mei's dumplings, is she willing to put her very soul on the line just for her looks?

* b.) In Cut, an angry and disgruntled extra on the set of a film set takes revenge on a film maker and his wife in a very twisted and sadistic game.

* c.) In Box, a reclusive woman thinks she has memories of a carnival/circus, being locked in a box and being buried alive. As well as past memories of a sister and a history of some sort of abuse.

Acacia was my very first Asian Horror film about the mysterious disappearance of an adopted boy when his adoptive parents welcome a birth child into the family and he is no longer loved or welcomed.

Sorum is an excellent Asian Horror film about a man with no identity and no memory of his past. When he moves into a burned out apartment in an old building and begins an affair with an abused woman, the ghosts of his past and who he is start to appear. But is he ready to learn the secrets of his past and come to terms with it? Can he live with the consequences of his final actions?

Check out my full video review below on these 3 films on my YouTube channel, Geek Girl Geekgasm...but never fear, I never divulge any spoilers! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for all things geeky!

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